Aliens Dark Descent They Are In The Walls

There have not been many games that have adapted the name of the aliens that have managed to capture the essence of what makes many of his first films so captivating. The survival horror game Alien: Isolation is the closest, renouncing the typical plot direction of horror and making its only Xenomorph a terrifying entity that demands the anxious respect that so many other adaptations do not offer it. Although there are many, many more Xenomorphs in Aliens: Dark Descent, this mix of Action and real-time strategy works mainly because it gives the same feeling of fear that you feel when you intervene, which makes it easier to ignore the moments when other systems don’t work as well.

Aliens: Dark Descent takes place mainly on the planet Lethe after a familiar scene of a Xenomorph eruption takes place on a Weyland-Yutani space station, forcing the entire area into a deadly lockdown. As the survivors search for a way to leave the planet while investigating the cause of the epidemic, they travel to many places around the planet to find clues, look for supplies and strike down everything that comes their way. Aliens: Dark Descent has the intuition of a captivating story that does not keep any of its initial promises, summarizing an interesting premise in the opening hours into a standard story without saying much beyond its simple secret.

The story is mainly conveyed by the dialogue in the middle of the two main actors of the game, a surviving administrator of the opening space station and a grizzled Space Marine with a strange connection with the Xenomorphs. Their chemistry is lacking and their connectionship fluctuates wildly from one extreme to the other in a very short time, which makes it difficult to feel concerned about their fate or their personal motivations. Secondary characters rarely have moments to shine, so it’s easy to polish the whole thing instead of the much more interesting pieces of Dark Descent.

Aliens: Dark Descent is a mixture of Genres to the point that it can be difficult to determine exactly which Genre it corresponds to the most. The top-down view and Deck mechanics are reminiscent of games like XCOM, but the Real-time Action borrows a lot from Standard Action RPGs like Diablo. During each Mission, you will assemble a squad of four Space Marines and control the unit as a single unit. You cannot independently move individual squad members, and soldiers will only get out of the Formation if you ask them to open a box or collect a collectible.

This limitation of independent movement allows the atmospheric horror Of Aliens: Dark Descent to work because it always focuses your attention on one point. Despite the great view of their surroundings, the small radius around their Marines that they can actually see maintains much of the tension when they explore narrow passages in deserted outposts or winding caves in an infested underground Mine. Enemies can and will chase you as you move through these areas, with the recognizable Ping of your motion sensor telling you how close you might be.

Just a few Xenomorphs are enough to completely tear your squad apart and give these creatures a feeling of power that increases the tension every time you face them. Their Space Marines literally display this fear in a stress meter that increases when they are hunted by the hive, ultimately preventing them from accomplishing their alien killing tasks as efficiently as possible.

Stress is only a small element of your squad that you have to manage, but it serves as a good example of many small mechanisms that all work together to increase the tension in the middle of actions. Similar to the movies, Xenomorphs spray harmful acidic blood when injured, which means that their Space Marines have a chance of taking damage if they kill one too close to them. This makes moving partotal when actioning enemies, made possible by the ability to fire when you move slower, at a walking pace as opposed to a total Sprint where you can’t hit back.

The Xenomorphs will perform surprise actions from the vents, grabbing the weakest members of your team and dragging them to their fall if you don’t stop them. The Face huggers burst with eggs and cling to the faces of their squad, causing the Soldier in question to die If they decide not to bring the necessary equipment to lift them. These small moments, made up of small decisions, are the ones that stimulate even the daily movements in the middle of goals and force you to think about Subversion and Action rather than direct action in most scenarios.