Lego 2K Drive Oh Snap

Lego thrives on versatility and diversity. The brand is linked to everything from model cities to space, including licensed franchises like Star Wars and the original IP like Bionicle and Ninjago. Lego 2K Drive is connectively narrow compared to the wide range of Lego iconography, but this laser-like focus works in its favor. The team from 2K and Visual Concepts first created an excellent racing game that allows the Lego elements to organically add both an incredible total of customization and tasteful visual flourishes to create a lively and fun open-world driving experience.

Under the hood, Lego 2K Drive is a combination of open-world racing games like Burnout Paradise or Forza Horizon and go-kart racers like Mario Kart or Sonic All-Stars. In the main campaign, you will explore three large biomes, each with a variety of activities and events, punctuated by karting races against rival racers who rule these regions. But part of what makes exploring and racing so entertaining is the toy-like feel, thanks to some smart systems that eliminate any potential friction when exploring.

If you are driving in a typical open-world racer, you may need to set a waypoint to your next destination and spend a few minutes following the roads. In Lego 2K Drive, your vehicle will automatically switch from Roadster to 4×4 to boat depending on what you need at a given moment. The click-clack of your vehicle, which instantly turns into something new when you jump from a road to a river, feels good every time. A generous Nitro Boost and a dedicated jump catch mean that you can jump over obstacles and climb hills effortlessly. Other cars or small buildings on the way? No problem, smash them and they will explode into a thousand LEGO bricks, building your Boost meter in the process. This effectively makes the whole world your playground and allows you to make your way there. There is almost never a hard barrier in the middle of you and pleasure.

Of course, the races are more tightly controlled. To keep them competitive, there are checkpoints and hard walls. But the races add another layer that is not present in the open world in the form of power-Ups. This is a staple for karting racers, and the people present here are mostly fun and varied ways to play with their opponents. You can immediately say that the projectile icon allows you to fire, for example, a homing projectile at your nearest opponent, or the ghost icon makes you invulnerable to obstacles for a short time. Power-Ups with less generally recognizable symbols, such as a Rolling Mine, become sufficiently obvious after the first use.

The only major flaw among the power-Ups is the spider’s web, which falls into the category of go-kart racing weapons that obstruct your opponent’s view and slow him down. This effect would be nice on its own, but it also forces you to press a catch to clear the web, which just seems too distracting and unfair in the middle of the race. Also, the catch is mapped to the same as jump, so after deleting the web, you are almost guaranteed to accidentally jump if you didn’t want to. (An endgame race against a spider-themed rival was especially frustrating for this reason).

The three biomes of the countryside are full of things to do in addition to the traditional karting races. There are also on-the-go events that trigger automatically when you pass a door, mini-games like rescue (helping the townspeople against rampaging skeletons, Clowns, etc.) or defense (protecting a series of towers), global challenges to set time records. and quests where you will help a city dweller with casual work.

Two of the three biomes – Big Butte County and Prospecto Valley – may feel similar because of their steep cliffs and rural landscapes, but the third is a radical change both thematically and visually. And sometimes their activities can have lasting effects on the world, such as mowing weeds to replace them with speed-increasing crystals or unlocking jump jets that spread through biomes.

With a variety of vehicles that have their own statistics, Lego 2K Drive also allows you to intelligently set a handful of equipment that can be exchanged at any time when you are not actively participating in an event. One of your equipment may focus more on maximizing your acceleration, while another may focus on hairpin turns. I had put a power aside if I wanted to mow the weeds without having to manually replace my off-road vehicle with a lawn mower. As you progress through the campaign, you also unlock the ability to equip an increasing number and more powerful perks, which can have a great impact on your racing style and strategy. The presentation is perfectly suitable for children, but the racing hooks are deep enough to attract arcade racing fans of all ages.