Street Fighter Vi Action Hardened

In a game session I refine my skills with my captain Zingier. In another, I’m walking around a busy city with a fully personalized avatar, the streets of which are lined with AI-controlled strangers, whom I can fight in my free time. In a third, the same avatar is dropped into a great room full of arcade cabinets and other players looking for a fight. Street Fighter 6 immediately learns from the content-free version of its predecessor, as it has a great number of important functions and modes from the very starting. It’s a top-notch, robust fighting game. Street Fighter 6 is incredible; a return to form for the franchise that welcomes both new fighters and seasoned professionals.

SF6 divides its content into three centers: Fighting Ground, which most closely mimics the classic SF experience; action Hub, where players can gather to challenge each other and participate in tournaments; and World Tour, a sprawling, globetrotting story mode with an open world and RPG hooks. Each format focuses on the classic Street Fighter fighting style in 2D, and this great core experience drives everything.

Mechanically, Street Fighter 6 is not far from previous games in the series: they have several normal actions, special actions, super-skills and movement techniques designed specifically for each of the 18 characters on the list. Some have a style in the face with heavy punches and harmful throws, while others are more suitable for keeping their distance and choosing moments to hit. What makes SF6 different from previous iterations are the basic universal mechanics shared by all the characters. While the effects and execution are the same for each fighter, these mechanics have their own style and personality depending on the character chosen. This universal mechanic also contains much of the gameplay depth of Street Fighter 6.

The training system is SF6’s new Universal action mechanic, and I’m amazed at how much it donates to a match, even though it’s easy to grab. By pressing the two middle action catchs, I can parry an action with Drive Parry, or with Drive Rush, I can immediately rush forward to get a speed boost that can catch opponents off guard or introduce new combo sequences. Functionally, players who have experience with the cancellation of the focus action of Street Fighter 4 or the Roman cancellations of Guilty Gear will feel at home. By pressing both heavy actions, I can trigger a training effect that can dislodge an opponent and leave it open to ensure that overly defensive players can be opened.

When an opponent is pulled back into a corner, he ends up bouncing off the wall as a result, adding a variety of other strategic considerations and opportunities. Driving reversals, on the other hand, allow me to block an action and counter it with a movement that, although not very harmful, helps to escape from sensitive places. Finally, I can use Overdrive to perform special actions like older EX systems.

However, these are not unlimited, since each movement uses part of a training indicator directly under the health bar, and a fighter can “burn out”, which slows down his movement and makes certain rude and defensive movements inaccessible for a while. The strategic impact of this system can not be overemphasized, because these new tools work wonders for the entire action system. In particular, driving kicks can rock the course of the fight in the blink of an eye, since you can catch an unsuspecting opponent with only one to hurt him.

Keeping an eye on these tools is the key to victory, and fortunately, it’s not an overwhelming total to remember. One of the main criticisms of Street Fighter 5 was the rigidity of the fights, some of which went so far as to call them turn-based. However, these new mechanics make Street Fighter 6 more fluid.

Despite these differences, the 18 characters feel somehow balanced. I can imagine that as soon as the pros get their hands on the game, a couple of high-profile fighters will appear, but from the jump there was never a match that I thought was too difficult to overcome. Characters who have already suffered in other areas have new abilities to compensate for this-Zangief, for example, has a Running throw with armor characteristics that can absorb projectiles that are an old enemy of his. The new fighters also fit perfectly into the mold, perfectly complement the existing list and at the same time serve as a new puzzle for the players. I’ve seen quite a few Manon players online that have given me nightmares, and I can only imagine how much more powerful these new faces will be in the hands of the Street Fighter faithful.